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Dramaturgs are investigators and analyzers who study a story's intrinsic structure, research its context, and provide clues about its translation from page to stage (or screen). As each story is unique, a dramaturg's function can vary greatly from piece to piece. Often, dramaturgs provide notes and editing on new texts; serve as an "outside eye"in rehearsal rooms - maintaining an interest in the integrity of the big picture story while a director crafts detail and moment work; serve as a liaison between writer and director; and create research materials to provide contextual information for audiences and actors.

Some of the dramaturg's skills include:

Script Consultation


Literary Management

Curation of Live Performance

Creation of Written and Educational Materials

Production Dramaturgy

See a few more of the dramaturg's potential functions on the LMDA's website.

I view Dramaturgy as an artistic practice through a creative lens, often working in ways that overlap and blur the lines between performance and research.


"I have worked with Jolene Noelle on multiple projects, and look forward to working with her again. She possesses an enviable set of skills: structural rigor, tenacious research and theatrical grounding. She moves projects forward by supporting the artists she works with and challenging them to wrestle their big ideas into stunning works of theater."

-Lanie Zipoy, theater and film producer

"Second-best dramaturg I know."

-Stephen Christensen, dramaturg

"To say that Jolene Noelle dramaturged my play is like saying Athena did some weaving on my cloak. She was our secret weapon from start to finish, maintaining an uncanny double-vision - probing in on small details and in almost the same breadth pulling back to remind us of the big picture. In the person of Jolene a dramaturg is a gentle and unflappable editor, fact checker,
continuity cop, snap problem solver, guider of the work to it's best self - in short, a text's best friend. If you get the chance, work with her!

-Ted Greenberg, writer and performer

"Having worked with Jolene Noelle on multiple pieces for stage and screen in both devising and traditional collaborative structures, I cannot recommend her enough. Jolene offers thoughtful insight every step of the way, providing specific feedback on dialogue and character development as well as broader observations and suggestions on overarching themes and dramatic structure. Her artistic support has helped me to overcome dramatic obstacles, push through writer's block, and complete strong scripts that have gone on to receive successful productions. She would be an invaluable asset to any creative team."

-Laura Zlatos, playwright

"Jolene is sharp, smart, tough, and incredibly generous. She is a valuable collaborator to have in the room. Jolene dramaturged two pieces we built from scratch. For The Hour of the Star, Jolene and I sat for hours and hours at coffee shops meticulously going over an entire novella to be adapted into a stage piece. She was there every inch of the way, not only as a dramaturg, but as a partner and a sounding board for all elements: structure, design, acting, and more. If I need a second eye on ANYTHING, Jolene is the first person I call. 

Jolene is an excellent problem solver, works well under pressure, and has a great sense of humor."

-Dara Malina, Director

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