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Jolene Noelle is the Program Director and Resident Dramaturg at Theaterlab in Midtown Manhattan, curating and managing all internally-produced programming. 

Projects include:


Bringing together businesses, restaurants, and performance venues in Theaterlab's Garment District home, this program guides audiences through an artist-led, performance-based tour of our neighborhood. 


This program brings together artists and audiences to showcase short sparks of new works (and other tiny delights)


A new series designed to champion the unique potential of the solo performer and challenge artists to craft ambitious explorations of the specific and intimate relationship between individual performer and spectator.

The Solo Series features an array of developmental, educational, and performance opportunities for solo artists. 


Hotel New Work is a curated series providing artists and audiences with time and space to take a detailed look at the theater-making process in an open studio setting. The program provides short-term residencies, including rehearsal and performance space, to companies in the midst of creating ambitious new work. HNW serves as an artistic respite, where new works are given space to breathe, grow, and engage with outside eyes at an early stage. It is a place where artists of various disciplines can unpack their bags, display their ideas, and share the room keys with engaged spectators. 

Pick up your key. Unpack your ideas. Stay awhile.

Curated artists include: THE TRIP; GF& CO; The Female Role Model Project; DODO; This is Not a Theatre Company, Loading Dock


While individually inspired by the complex narratives and vocabularies used to describe the feminine experience, painting women as both comforting mothers and terrible monsters with bodies at once fecund and ferocious, the pieces created for Mothers Myths Monsters are ultimately reflections on our own personal mythologies and private experiences of womanhood. 

SEASON Planning Projects Include:

Fall 2018: Homecoming

Featuring six shows and the program Celebrate the Artist, Homecoming explored the notion of homes, both inherited and created, and examined what it means to return to a seemingly familiar space within an increasingly unfamiliar world.

The season was dedicated to Linda Olthof, the brilliant Dutch movement artist who created three pieces at Theaterlab. After her untimely and tragic passing, we will honor her artistry and creative work throughout our season.


Like food, theater exists in a perpetual cycle of preparation and consumption. For the cook and creator, the practice is permanent, repeatable and cumulative; what we make builds on what we’ve made in the past. But for the consumer and spectator, each event exists only in the fleeting present. All that lingers when the product is gone is the memory of a taste. Each meal and each performance is a discrete event to be ingested, digested and eventually replaced.


Theaterlab’s Fall 2017 season, Eat Your Heart Out, celebrated the ephemeral cycle of performance that echoes itself with each iteration, and feeds the audience something different each time. After all, you can’t eat the same apple twice.

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